If you wish to visit an archaeological site, a museum or a monument in Rome in a more in-depth and captivating way, I suggest you to do it with the support of a licensed local guide. In Rome monumental area, mainly around Colosseum and Vatican area, you’ll find people offering their services pretending to be licensed local guides – but actually having no authorization at all. For you to avoid any problems with people acting illegally, I made an agreement with Federagit, the National Federation of tourist Guides. Federagit website is THIS (only in Italian, unfortunately).

When you may need a licensed local guide

Visiting very complex archaeological sites such as the Roman Forum Ancient Ostia, huge monuments such as Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica, or incredibly rich museums such as the Vatican Museums and the National Roman Museum, might turn to be a confusing experience. An expert licensed local guide will surely let you understand everything about the monument you are visiting, breathing life into it. For example, he/she would explain you, with well-tried clarity and simplicity, the stratification in time of the different architectural elements making part of it. Or, he/she would tell you about the overlap of historical events that happened there. With the help of a licensed local guide, Rome will come alive to you and stay forever in your memories!

Why choosing a licensed local guide

Leaving aside any ethical considerations that should drive all of us against illegal labour, a licensed local guide (meaning authorized by the Province of Rome) would surely offer you a higher quality service, because:

  • He/she has a high level – verified and certified – of historical, archaeological and artistic background.
  • Working within the National Federation, he/she maintains up-to-date professional knowledge.
  • He/she speaks your language very fluently, whatever language you speak (the several Federagit tour guides can speak many different languages!).
  • He/she works with real passion, will answer all your questions and will draw you into the visit, making it unforgettable.
  • You’ll be able to hear any single word of his/her explanation perfectly, as radio earphones will be used if necessary.
  • You can ask Federagit a custom itinerary for your tour, even outside Rome (for example: Ancient Ostia, Villa Adriana in Tivoli…).
  • Clear fees are applied, with no changes and no bargaining: 165€ for a 3 hours custom tour and 55€ for each following hour. Entrance fees for the visited monuments are not included.
  • He/she will give you an official receipt for the fee you paid.

How to organise your tour

If you made up your mind to ask Federagit for a licensed local guide, this is how to do: my contact at Federagit is Mrs. Elena Andreoli; it’s her you need to ask to. Please ask her at least one day in advance, specifying the number of participants, your spoken language and the desired tour.

  1. The best option to make a fast reservation is calling Mrs. Elena Andreoli on +39 335 5319997: she speaks Italian, English, French and Spanish. You must consider she’s a licensed local guide – while leading a tour she may not answer your call immediately. So, please try again!
  2. If you have more time and wish to make your reservation before your arrival to Rome (adviseable), you may send her a text message (SMS, WhatsApp o Viber) always on +39 335 5319997, or you may send her an e-mail at guideroma.federagit@gmail.com, she’ll reply as soon as possible.

Should you need any help with organisation or further information, you can freely contact me. My phone number is in the Home Book at SPQR. Enjoy your tour!

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