The second year of activity of Holiday Home SPQR was very satisfactory as well, allowing to get back more than half the investment for the initial renovation of the apartment. Great news!!! Consequently, as per my hopes, in end 2017 I was able to send further funds to FWE-Cambodia, the volunteer-based organization about which I already told you HERE.

And in march 2018, one year after the opening of the first well financed by SPQR, a second well was inaugurated in Kraval village… from now on, Lin Sona and his wife Phin Ratha, with their two children, have at last the possibility of drinking and using fresh water, that will share with their neighbours.


Chantrea and Mrs. Phin Ratha at the opening of the new well

Practical benefits of a well

As our friend Chantrea Chhuong, founder and director of FWE-Cambodia, explains HERE, availability of fresh water is strategical for the good health of inhabitants of these rural regions, normally obliged to collect water from shallow pits like that in the small picture below, muddy and contaminated by bacteria, that during the rainy season become unusable.

And if that wasn’t enough, during the dry seasons the paddles get dry, which makes impossible the watering of the small vegetable gardens that each family grows aside their homes. The presence of a deep and continuous water supply source, consequently, becomes fundamental for the regular nutrition of each family, as their diet would become much less season-dependant.

Thank you, SPQR’s guests!

Finally, I wish to thank all guests who already stayed at SPQR for having allowed also this second donation to FWE-Cambodia and hope – together with guests who will follow – to be able to do more in the future!
I wish all those having the possibility could make their own donations to FWE-Cambodia.


Example of hand-dig surface well.