I’m proud to announce that a co-operation has started between Holiday Home SPQR and FWE-Cambodia (Foundation for Water and Education, Cambodia). The organization supplies volunteer-based help to the poorest communities and families of Siem Reap rural region, in Cambodia.

Sharing what possible

My adventure with SPQR has just started, and considering the positive outcome my Holiday Home has obtained till today, sharing a part of the proceeds with those who live in poverty seems to me right and proper. At present there are practically no proceeds – as the investment to be recovered has really been heavy – but with passage of time and the help of SPQR’s guests I hope to increase my support in future.

FWE-Cambodia: why them?

The Foundation is busy with several charity projects. Among these, the most standing out are those related to fresh water access (currently available only to 40% of Cambodian population) and to scholastic education. You may know that during Khmer Rouge regime education has been nearly zeroed. For further information you can visit the Foundation’s website here.

I’ve chosen FWE-Cambodia as I completely trust Tina, my volunteer friend who is a very active member of the Foundation. Tina raises funds, takes them personally to volunteers in Cambodia and directly watches on the practical fulfilment of each project. Consequently, I’m 100% sure that each donated coin will go straight in the hands of the beneficiaries by way of installations, material assets or education.

And sure enough, the first donation I made has already been transformed into the well that you can see in the picture! It’s unbelievable, but the family of the woman you see while pumping the first fresh water from the underground, until the day before was obliged to draw water from paddles such as that you see in the smaller picture. As you may imagine, that was muddy water full of insects, parasites and bacteria.

In conclusion, I thank all guests who already stayed at SPQR for having allowed this first donation – and hope, together with guests who will follow, to help many other families!


Tina and Katherine at the opening of the first well


This is how those not having access to a well draw water