Are you planning a particularly long and heavy sightseeing day downtown? Are you thinking that when back you’ll not feel like preparing your dinner, and will be too tired to go out again to look for a restaurant? Why then, instead of a sad sandwich or of a re-heated slice of pizza, don’t you allow yourself a fantastic dinner? I mean a real gourmet dinner, specially cooked for you by Claudia, without moving from SPQR, your comfortable roman home!

Who’s Claudia

Claudia is an experienced and passionate Chef, she selects high quality ingredients and cooks them with art and true mastery. If you contact her with some advance (one or two days before, at least) she will prepare for you – and partially in front of you – a true gourmet dinner from starter to dessert. She will arrange everything, even wine if you wish, and all you’ll have to do is choosing your preferred menu and place all dishes and pans into the dishwasher after dinner! To get an idea on what Claudia can prepare, please check her Facebook page HERE. Watching her while cooking will be interesting and fun, a unique occasion to learn how preparing dishes that you may not know yet…

How to organize your gourmet dinner at SPQR

All seasonal menus that I agreed upon with Claudia, with relevant prices for SPQR guests, are HERE. As you’ll see, there’s something to suit everybody’s fancy, and prices are aligned with those of restaurants – with the advantages of not having to move from home and that probably you’ll eat even better.
Shure enough, your home gourmet experience needs to be arranged with some advance, a gourmet dinner can’t be organized in a few hours. So, please make a reservation one or better two days before by writing an e-mail to this address: or by sending her a text or WhatsApp message to her number +39 334 9297788.

I feel I gave you a good advice… after the experience please let me know how it was, by writing a post HERE!

gourmet dinner

Here is Chef Claudia!