The aim of our project was to create a high-quality residence, carefully avoiding the option of just cleaning up an existing structure somehow or other – Rome, as in any other tourist city, is full of holiday homes like that. So, we decided to start from scratch.

Our great passion for Rome and our wish to transmit that to others pushed us to create a really unique residence, mainly suitable for medium-long stays, that is special for its style and atmosphere, spacious and comfortable, where guests may spend a fascinating and original stay, feeling like native Romans.

It took us a long time and a thorough search to find the right flat in the right area: an airy top-floor apartment, spacious and full of light; in a district overlooking the city from on high; central but quirky; quiet yet still preserving the Roman atmosphere.

The home furnishings and decoration also originate from a careful and loving selection between practicality and beauty, between style and comfort, in the hopes of transferring to our guests the all-Italian love for beauty and quality of life, so typical of our country.

And then we get to the choice of the apartment name: SPQR, Senatus Popolus Que Romanus, meaning in Latin “Roman Senate And People”. It was a kind of brand, of logo, that the authorities of ancient Rome used to tag anything they built (monuments, milestones, bridges, streets) thanks to the will, work, strength and money of the Roman people. Even today, the SPQR acronym is part of the official crest of Rome Municipality and when visiting the old city centre you will be able to see it not only on all the ancient monuments, but also on much more recent elements, such as drinking fountains, manhole covers, benches, etc.

We really loved the idea of adopting this worthy and ancient logo for our Holiday Home, especially because of its long and indissoluble link with the City of Rome; so we adapted it to our project: the St. Peter Quality Residence. And thanks to its location – central and strategically connected but peaceful at the same time – Holiday Home SPQR honours its promise: a high-quality Roman residence in the heart of Rome, quiet and comfortable, large and fully equipped, where you will really feel at home whether you are travelling for business or pleasure.

Our aim is that you spend a peaceful stay in the Eternal City just as if you were native Romans: in fact, you are not obliged to respect time schedules for your breakfast or your other meals, or to eat in restaurant that does not always match guests’ expectations. On our blog you will soon find recipes of the main dishes we Romans eat at home and thanks to the supermarkets nearby you will be able to find all the ingredients necessary to cook them in the kitchen of SPQR.

With the money you save, you will be able to treat yourself by dining in some of the most authentic restaurants in town, which will shortly be listed on our blog.

In conclusion, our project was not just to provide a simple holiday in Rome, but rather a real experience of the true Roman lifestyle… we hope we succeeded!

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