Dear Guests, welcome to our new online Home Book!

Originally, this Home Book used to be a real binder with printed pages; you would have found it on your arrival, to guide your shopping in the neighborough, to help you using the various appliances available at home, to suggest activities and moments of relax.

Due to Covid-19 emergency, we had to set up additional cautions for your own safety and that of our team:

  • The apartment is fully sanitized prior to each check-in after a deep cleaning cycle;
  • Temperature is taken to anybody entering the apartment;
  • To you as Guests, and to every member of the team working at SPQR, is kindly requested to co-operate for everybody’s safety by wearing personal protective equipment.

As a consequence of all that, you’ll surely understand that a “physical” Home Book, handled and browsed through by each Guest, wouldn’t be possibly 100% sanitized… so, to avoid any risk, we decided to commute it into digital format and add it to our website WWW.CASAVACANZESPQR.COM, available also in English language. We took the occasion to improve the Home Book with updates and additions.

Now completed with the Home Book, the website is a collection of several other information that might be useful to you during your stay, especially regarding local transportation, restaurants and other places where you can eat your meals, monuments to be visited.

We wish you to enjoy your holiday in Rome!

Rita, Claudia and Cristina

  1. We will always be available to assist you in any safety or medical emergency, but we strongly recommend that you immediately contact authorities.
    ANY TYPE OF EMERGENCY: 112 – this service will address your call to the proper emergency number.
    As an alternative, you may directly call each single service as follows:
    POLICE: 113
    LOCAL POLICE STATION: +39 06 67691
  2. For any technical problems related to Holiday Home SPQR, please call us and we will do our best to resolve the situation as soon as possible. Our telephone numbers are:
    +39 339 3484383 or +39 324 5885899 (to be called first)
    +39 335 6324478 (to be called ONLY when the number above cannot be reached or there is no answer).
    We are, of course, not responsible for any disservice that does not depend on us; e.g. partial or total lack of supplies such as gas, electricity, water, internet, etc.
  3. Complaints of a serious nature – to the point that considerable inconvenience is being caused to you – must be communicated immediately, allowing us time to solve the situation where possible.

Should you have any suggestions, recommendations or other communications and feedback, please contact us by e-mail to address or by phone/WhatsApp at +393245885899, +393393484383 or +393356324478.

We will sincerely appreciate any input from your side and we thank you in advance.

If you liked the accommodation and want to help us, at the end of your stay please copy/paste also on TripAdvisor and Google the review I hope you will publish on the portal through which you made your reservation, this would be really helpful! This is how to do this easy task:

TripAdvisor (no account is needed):

  • Go HERE
  •  Scroll a bit down till you see the black button “write a review”, click it and kindly write or paste your review.

Google (a Google account is needed):

  • Go HERE
  • Into the side box, click over the button “scrivi una recensione”, then write or paste your review.

A heartfelt thanks from our Team!

Dear Guests,

maybe you are asking yourself how to use the several home appliances and other devices available at SPQR 😊

No worries: on this website, HERE in the FAQs section, for each device you’ll be able to find a short User’s Manual for you to understand how to use very easily and quickly.

Additionally, you’ll find as well a web link to the original User’s Manual published by the manufacturer of each device – in some cases available in a lot of different languages.

We hope we included in the FAQs section all what is needed to use all home devices at best; should you experience a problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or by e-mail at

In the BLOG section, instead, we posted some tourist information – please visit it!

We wish you a fantastic stay!

  1. General switchboard: it’s at the entrance, hidden by the picture of the SPQR manhole cover.
  2. Shower alarm: when activated, an acoustic alarm beeps and a red light flashes, both into the general switchboard. To reset the alarm after helping who activated it, remove the picture of the manhole cover, open the switchboard door and press the button on the side of the flashing red light.
  3. Doorphone: to open the main entrance door at the ground floor, press the button on the right side of the device.
  4. Telephone: all national calls are free of charge, both to mobile phones and to landlines.
    Calls are free as well to landlines of USA, Canada and Western Europe (Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom).
    Calls can be received as well, number is +390694416943.
  5. Wi-Fi: open and free of charge, network name and password will be communicated at check-in.
  6. Use of desktop PC: free of charge. PC can be started pressing the power button on the hard disk placed under the desk. Please access through the ID “Guest_SPQR”. Operating system: Windows 7 Professional. PC is equipped with loudspeakers and webcam, and Skype is on board.
  7. The house is equipped with LAN and USB wall sockets as well.
  8. Rolling shutters: they are all motor-powered and can be controlled through the switches placed near the light switches, at the entrance of each room.
  9. Bathroom window of Suite San Pietro is different from all others: it has no rolling shutter, and for the safety of all Guests it can only open as hopper window, operating both handles.
  10. The window between the bathroom of Suite San Pietro and that of the living room can be closed/opened electrically. Buttons (slow start, please keep pushed for some seconds) are located on the left side of the mirror into the bathroom of the living room.
  11. Living room TV: it’s a Smart TV connected to internet. The remote control is normally placed in the drawer of the small table in the living room.
  12. Heating system: it’s controlled by SPQR’s team from remote. In accordance to the local regulations about pollution-abatement and energy saving, the standard schedule is:
    • 21°C from 07:00 to 10:30 am
    • 21°C from 07:00 to 10:30 pm
    • 19°C all night

We are of course available to modify the above time schedule if you wish; please let us know by e-mail at or by text message/WhatsApp at +393245885899, +393393484383 or +393356324478.
We thank you in advance for PLEASE NEVER TOUCH THE THERMOSTAT placed on the right wall between the entrance and the kitchen.

  1. Air-conditioning system: it can cool down or heat as well, or simply ventilate the house. Each of the three units has its own remote control, normally placed in the drawers of the small table of each room. Each of the three remote controls can control any of the units. Please put them all off when going out!
  2. Espresso coffee machine: it can also prepare a variety of other hot beverages, related instructions for use can be found in this Home Book. It works with capsules that can be purchased in any supermarket, please look for brand Nescafè Dolce Gusto.
  3. Drying rack, iron and ironing board can be found into the wardrobe in room Santa Caterina d’Alessandria.
  4. The hairdryer is in the bathroom looking on the living room, into the cabinet under the sink.
  5. The safe is into the wardrobe in room Santa Caterina d’Alessandria. Related instructions for use can be found HERE in the FAQs section of this website. Be sure to leave the safe door open before you leave the house.
  6. The washing machine and the boiler can both be found into the PVC cabinet out on the kitchen balcony. The cabinet is closed with 3 locks (please, always close all of them!!! without such closures the doors would slam open with the wind). The padlock key is in the key ring placed into the drawer of the small table in the living room.
  7. In order to access the gas meter and one of the two water gate valves, please open the small door out on the kitchen balcony, at the right side of the kitchen door. To open the small door you need the black key in the key ring placed into the drawer of the small table in the living room.
  8. In order to access the second of the two water gate valves, you need to open the small door out on the balcony of the Suite San Pietro, under the bathroom window. This small door can be opened turning its lock with a pointed knife or with a flathead screwdriver.
  9. The district administration, unfortunately, hasn’t started recycling, so splitting metal from plastic, paper, glass etc. is useless. All containers have already been prepared in the kitchen, but at the moment all waste have to be placed into a single bag and discarded in the bins out on the street.
  1. DON’T SMOKE at home nor on the landing. Please go out on the balconies and close the door after you. Windproof ashtrays can be found on both balconies, never throw cigarette butts or anything else downstairs.
  2. The shower in the bathroom of Suite San Pietro features a step-less design; when using it, for preventing water from getting out of the shower, PLEASE AVOID STANDING WITH YOUR FEET ON THE SHOWER DRAIN AND ALWAYS PLACE THE BATH MAT AT THE SHOWER INLET.
  3. Pay attention to the step between the bedroom and the bathroom of Suite San Pietro.
  4. Avoid making noise at home and/or along the stairs between 14:00 and 16:00 and between 23:00 and 07:00.
  5. Please preserve home keys with extreme care: in the event you lose them, the blacksmith servicing for replacing the lock and supplying new copies of the keys would cost 120€, which will be charged to you.
  6. The lift has two inner and one outer doors; none of them closes automatically, so please always close the three of them carefully.
  7. Always close the home door with your keys when you go out (all key turns). When at home, please also latch it.
  8. On your way in or out please always close – gently, preferably – the main door at the entrance of the building.
  9. When going out please switch out all lights, home appliances and conditioning units. Kindly check as well that all taps are duly closed, and if possible close all rolling shutters as well.
  10. Never throw into the toilet anything different from toilet paper. For everything else, please use the wastebaskets located in each bathroom.
  11. Don’t leave bottles and glasses out in the balconies, they may roll downstairs and hurt somebody. After use, please bring them inside.
  12. To let free the path of the motor-powered rolling shutters, please don’t leave any objects on the window sills. Closing over an object, the rolling shutters may go down crookedly and block themselves (and break the object, too).
  13. The safe can be closed and opened by storing your own passcode, that you are kindly requested to jot down somewhere. Instructions HERE. Should you ever forget the passcode through which the safe has been closed, opening the safe will be possible only with a key, but the Host’s intervention will be needed.
  14. Boiler: it’s a normal device for family use, so it’s possible that when using both showers at the same time the water isn’t hot enough. We advise to use showers one at a time.
  15. As well, also the power supply system has a capacity for normal domestic use (3Kwh). To prevent the emergency switch located downstairs to spring off causing a blackout, please avoid using several appliances at the same time.
  16. If you wish to use the washing machine, please leave its door half-open after use, so that the machine can get dry. Remember to close the cabinet with the padlock.
  17. When using the drying rack, please make sure you secure it TOWARDS THE INNER SIDE OF THE BALCONY, placing it on the solid brick balustrade of the kitchen balcony. Don’t try to place it on the metal railing of the balustrade. After removing the dry clothes, please place the drying rack back at its place in the wardrobe, as without the weight of the wet clothes it may be taken by the wind and hurt somebody.
  18. The steam iron has to be filled with distilled water, you can find it at any supermarket. After use, let the iron cool down completely and empty it from residual water before placing it back in the wardrobe.
  19. IMPORTANT: Before leaving the house please be sure you left the safe’s door open, otherwise next Guest will not be able to open it without your passcode.
  20. In the event you happened to break something, or made a damage to the house equipment, please don’t forget to inform us before leaving: this way, we will be able to replace/repair as necessary before the arrival of the next Guest.

Dear Guests,

to allow you to immediately get your way into the neighbourhood, we placed on this MAP the location of the main useful services at walking distance from SPQR: supermarkets, the pharmacy shop, the bank, means of transport, etc.

In the list below you’ll see such services complete with their address and arrival time on foot.
Several of them can be clicked, so that you can find on the net the exact route, their contacts and opening hours.

Local suggested restaurants can instead be found HERE under “Eating out near SPQR”.

  • Pharmacy Shop: Via Gregorio VII 63, 450m/5min.
  • Chill Out Bar: Via del Lago Terrione 10, 22m/1 min. It’s the bar just round the corner, and offers a luggage storage service as well. We extensively went over this subject at the next point of this Home Book.
  • San Pietro Train Station: right downstairs, from here you can easily reach (one stop) Valle Aurelia stop and connect to the Subway network, or visit the vibrant districts of Testaccio (Ostiense stop) and Trastevere (Trastevere stop), as well as reach the main Train Station (Termini stop). City train network HERE. With these local trains you can even go to Fiumicino Airport (for complete information please read HERE under “By air”).
  • Bus 64: Terminus in the square just across San Pietro train station, at 120m/2min. This bus runs through the whole downtown till Termini Station, and it’s the easiest mean to visit Rome.
  • Bus 916: along Via Gregorio VII right across the Bank, 350m/4min. it will take you straight to Piazza Venezia EXCLUDING SUNDAYS AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.
  • Bus 190F: along Via Gregorio VII right across the Bank, 350m/4min. it will take you straight to Piazza Venezia ONLY ON SUNDAYS AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.
  • Fruits and vegetables shop: Via di Monte del Gallo 6, phone 329 5371516, 350m/4min.
  • Carrefour Express Minimarket: Via di Monte del Gallo 13/B, 350m/5min.
  • Carrefour Supermarket: Via della Stazione di San Pietro 71, 400m/5min.
  • Carrefour Supermarket: Via Gregorio VII 127, 600m/8min.
  • Todis Supermarket: Via della Cava Aurelia 94, 650m/8min.
  • Bank with ATM: Piazzale Gregorio VII 10, 350m/4min.
  • Post Office: Via di Monte del Gallo 2/C, 280m/4min.
  • Hertz car rental: Via dell’Argilla 5, 700m/8min.
  • Bikeaway bike rental: Via di Monte del Gallo 25/A, 400m/5min.

Dear Guests,

As you surely know, your check-in time at SPQR is at 3:00pm. What happens if your incoming flight or train arrives in the early morning? In this case, if the apartment is ready, we’ll be happy to let you in before the standard check-in time, but this is often not possible. In such case, how can you start enjoying your first day of roman holidays if you have to carry your heavy luggage with you?

A similar situation may happen on departure date: you’ll need to check-out by 10:00am, to allow our cleaning service staff to prepare the apartment for next Guests. We’ll be happy to postpone check-out time as well, but only in rare cases when a new Guest isn’t expected for the same day, and this happens quite rarely.
So, how to do if your flight or train leaves Rome in the evening, and you wish to enjoy your last day of holidays in Roma getting rid of your luggage for the day?

We have a solution for both cases: Bags Free – a reliable and efficient luggage management service operating in Rome – will easily solve the problem, provided that you reserve their services well in advance.

Bags Free will solve your needs by picking up your luggage at the airport or train station when you arrive to Rome and delivering it at SPQR at the time you want to check-in after 3:00pm. Same way, they can pick your luggage at home before checking-out and deliver it straight at airport or train station in time for your departure; the whole service will cost 9,00€ per piece of luggage (6,00€/piece for luggage to be delivered or taken by you at Bags Free’s deposit at Termini train station).

If you wish, prior to final delivery Bags Free will have your luggage wrapped with a protective film for an extra fee of 5€/piece, much cheaper than what you would pay when at airport.

For further explanations and instructions on how to use Bags Free’s services, please visit THIS PAGE of our BLOG.

Another – cheaper but less complete – solution is Chill Out Bar, just downstairs around the corner on the right leaving the building: they can store your luggage (5,00€/piece).
Disadvantage is of course that you need to come here to leave/pick up your luggage when coming from/before heading to the airport or train station.

Here are the contacts, please book the service in advance:
Chill Out
10 Via del Lago Terrione, Rome
+39 06 9259 9601

Dear Guests,

In a big city like Rome, full of people from abroad attracted by the many cultural and touristic contents offered, it’s unavoidable that food proposals expanded a lot… and while it’s surely true that many operators of the catering sector fully dedicated to exploitation of tourists – feeding them with low-quality and expensive meals – on the other side it’s true as well that one can eat really very well in Rome.

When working on THIS DIRECTORY, I tried to put together a list of places where I personally did eat well – sometimes just a quick sandwich or a salad, sometimes a full meal, in both simple and elegant atmosphere.

So, the directory lists up a bit of everything; my aim has been that of making life easier for you by splitting it by area and by type of meal, adding a short description for each and a map that I hope will help you to find your way.

During Covid-19 emergency, please consider that food places may have shorter opening hours; they currently must close at 6pm, and just 4 people may seat at the same table; governmental regulations may however become looser or stricter, so please ask us for latest updates by writing an e-mail to or by sending a text/WhatsApp message to numbers +393245885899, +393393484383 or +393356324478.

Should you decide to eat at home, this MAP may help you to find your way to shops and supermarkets at walking distance from SPQR.

An excellent alternative may be that offered by CHEF CLAUDIA; she cooks small masterpieces delivering fantastic meals directly to SPQR and finishing their preparation under your own eyes. A marvellous occasion to taste genuine dishes of our roman tradition, avoiding to queue at the supermarket and maybe learning how to prepare them yourself watching Chef Claudia while cooking!

There is indeed no lack of gourmand opportunities… so buon appetito from SPQR Team!

Dear Guests,

SPQR’s Staff wishes that you appreciate the apartment and you can feel like at your own home, just in a city like no other in the world, Rome!
We wish as well that your stay could be unforgettable, both for all treasures you’ll admire downtown and for the relaxing time you’ll enjoy at home.

With this aim in mind we put together – and update continuously – a list of external and indoor HINTS that could make your stay fruitful and pleasant; here follow some examples:

Visiting monuments and museums with a local guide
Visiting very complex archaeological sites, huge monuments or incredibly rich museums such as the Vatican Museums, might turn to be a confusing experience.
An expert private local guide will surely let you understand everything about the monument you are visiting, breathing life into it.
For you to avoid any problems with people acting illegally, we made an agreement with Federagit, the National Federation of tourist Guides.
More information on THIS PAGE.

A tour of Rome by Segway… that’s great!
Would you like visiting the city while having lots of fun?
We warmly suggest you to go for a guided tour of Rome by Segway!
You’ll love it – Segway is a safe, silent and eco-friendly vehicle, tour guides are nice and experienced, and tours will let you touch quickly and without effort all most famous and beautiful spots of town.
For further information read HERE.

Feeling tired after a long day downtown?
Rome is a wonderful city, but touring it might be really heavy. Would you like trying a relaxing, healthy treatment that will bring you back to life? I suggest you to experience one hour of Shiatsu with our dear friend Fabio… all without leaving SPQR, your comfortable roman house!
Fabio is a skilled Shiatsu Therapist – he’s actually a National Teacher – and is available for home treatments in the evening hours, for very reasonable fees. Further information HERE.

Relax and enjoy a gourmet dinner staying comfortably at home!
Are you planning a particularly long and heavy sightseeing day downtown?
Are you thinking that when back you’ll not feel like preparing your dinner, and will be too tired to go out again to look for a restaurant?
Why then, instead of a sad sandwich or of a re-heated slice of pizza, don’t you allow yourself a fantastic dinner?
We mean a real gourmet dinner, specially cooked for you by Chef Claudia, without moving from SPQR, your comfortable roman home!
For further information read HERE.