Feeling tired after a long day downtown? Rome is a wonderful city, but touring it might be really heavy. Would you like trying a relaxing, healthy treatment that will bring you back to life? I suggest you to experience the magic Shiatsu treatments performed by my dear friend Fabio, all without leaving SPQR, your comfortable roman house!

What is Shiatsu:

It’s an olistic discipline, an art by which the Operator uses his hands to apply soft pressures on specific points of the body of a person. Purpose is improving health and create conditions to prevent or care some pathological statuses. Consequently, the body is driven to a homeostatic status from which the person will naturally reach his psycophysical stability.

Shiatsu treatments will leave you an incredibly pleasant sense of instant well-being in all your body, really ideal to vanish tiredness after a long city tour.

For further information please have a look HERE.

Who is Fabio:

On top of being an old good friend of mine, Fabio is a National Teacher of Namikoshi Style Shiatsu at NSE Italy, and he’s entitled to teaching Namikoshi Base Technique by Japan Shiatsu College.

NSE Italy is the Italian branch of NSE (Namikoshi Shiatsu Europe), representing in Europe the Japan Shiatsu College of Tokyo.
It’s the same famous Japanese school founded in 1940 by Master Tokujiro Namikoshi, considered to be the Shiatsu’s Founding Father.

Fabio has been carrying out Shiatsu treatments since 1997, when he graduated at the Scuola Italo Giapponese Shiatsu Namikoshi in Rome. Since then he’s keeping up-to-date on Shiatsu technique by attending a large number of updating and specialization courses with the most recognized Namikoshi style Masters, both in Italy and abroad. He became a National Teacher in 2010.

How to do:

Fabio is available to reach you at SPQR in the evening hours.

If you wish to reserve Shiatsu treatments with Fabio, please ask me at least one day in advance by SMS/Whatsapp text message to my private number +393356324478, and I will organize everything.

To receive Shiatsu treatments please wear comfortable and light clothes; each treatment lasts for one hour and costs 60,00€ (for treatments to two or more people in the same evening the cost lowers to 50,00€ each).

I warmly recommend this fantastic experience!!!

Shiatsu treatments

This is Fabio!