I’m very happy to announce that BAGS FREE – a reliable and efficient luggage management service operating in Rome – has made an agreement with our organization, granting very special prices to all Guests of Holiday Home SPQR – St. Peter Quality Residence.
BAGS FREE discount adds up to a whopping 10%!

You’ll get to Rome too early to check-in at Holiday Home SPQR?

There’s no problem at all: when arriving at the airport or train station, you’ll be able to leave your luggage to BAGS FREE and start your holiday immediately! Your luggage will be delivered later same day at your preferred time directly at SPQR. The whole service will cost 9,00€ per piece of luggage (6,00€/piece for luggage left at BAGS FREE’s deposit at Termini train station) on which the BAGS FREE discount will be applied.

You’re going to leave Rome much after checking-out from Holiday Home SPQR and wish to get rid of your luggage for the day?

In this case as well BAGS FREE will solve your problem by picking up your luggage at home before checking-out and delivering it straight at airport or train station. Their fee is always 9,00€ per piece of luggage (6,00€/piece for luggage to be delivered at BAGS FREE’s deposit at Termini train station). On such prices, the BAGS FREE discount will be applied.
If you wish, prior to final delivery BAGS FREE will have your luggage wrapped with a protective film for an extra fee of 5€/piece. This price is not-discountable, but anyway much cheaper than that you would pay when at airport.


  • All services must be booked in advance with BAGS FREE directly. Online bookings can be made HERE, sending an e-mail to booking@bags-free.com, calling +39 06 4455792 (from 8:00am to 8:00pm) or sending a WhatsApp message to +39 366 26 76 760.
  • Necessary data for booking all services are: full name, phone number, number of pieces of luggage, date/time/place for pick-up, date/time/place for delivery.
  • Luggage transportation services are operated between 8:30am and 7:30pm.
  • For a free estimate you can write an enquiry to info@bags-free.com, or call number +39 06 4455792.
  • The 10% BAGS FREE discount is applied on the total amount due for luggage transportation (so excluding luggage wrapping and other services) provided that you require it when making the reservation and that you make the operator well aware that you’re a Guest of Holiday Home SPQR.
  • To be sure that pick-up and delivery can be made according to your desired schedule, I warmly advise to make your booking at least a couple of days in advance.
  • From pick-up time to re-delivery, BAGS FREE makes sure your luggage is sealed, labelled and protected against theft, loss and damages by an insurance policy covering its legal value; with a small extra the insured value can be increased up to 500,00€.
  • BAGS FREE’s storage is conveniently located in Via Castro Pretorio 32, just 200 meters from Termini train station; opening hours are from 8:00am to 8:00pm.
  • You’ll not need to pay in advance: services have to be paid to BAGS FREE staff only at luggage delivery.
  • BAGS FREE offer a variety of other useful services available for consultation on their website HERE.
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